Built on a strong legacy.

Kalder was established as a company in 2016. But our insightful analytics and innovative software are built on a strong legacy. 

Kalder’s parent company is Neelands Group — a well-known commercial refrigeration company based in Burlington, Ontario. Neelands has installed refrigeration systems for over 60 years.

As a business, Kalder has two crucial characteristics. The first is a deep understanding of refrigeration and energy costs in the food retail industry. The second is the technical expertise needed to design and operate powerful technology. Our end goal? Helping supermarkets cut energy costs, prevent product loss and minimize equipment failure.

Our Mission

To use technology to make better, more proactive decisions. To help the grocery industry cut costs.

Our vision

We see...

  • Refrigerator units running as efficiently as possible.
  • Grocery stores saving money and cutting costs.
  • Clients having the freedom to make informed decisions about their refrigeration units.
  • Long-term relationships being built with clients.
  • Retailers focusing on selling their products, not managing their refrigeration systems.
  • A cleaner, more sustainable environment.
  • Less product loss.
  • Less catastrophic equipment failures.

Our Sales Team

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Josh Schmidt

Technical Solutions Specialist

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Douglas van Zanden

Development Manager

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Robert Beer

Manager, IoT & Innovation

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Stacie Smith

Energy Services Administrator

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Chris Huffman

Senior Manager

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